Top 5 Daily Fantasy Sites

Top 5 One-Day Fantasy Sports Sites

Looking for the best fantasy-sports sites? There are many things to consider, from quality and variety and games to the level of competition, from ease of use to the best promotions for players. And above all, there’s the site’s trustworthiness and reliability to consider.

We’ve done the work for you, conducting independent reviews of our favorites on the fantasy sports, selecting our top five (in no particular order) when it comes to providing the best overall customer experience:


FanDuel remains one of the largest and oldest fantasy-sports site in existence, and it should be on your short list when choosing sites on which to play. Why do we love FanDuel? Because it’s got something for everyone, veterans and newcomers alike. There aren’t a lot of sites where one can compete for a million-dollar first-place prize, but that’s available at FanDuel, just as there are contests for a buck or two (or even for free) just to get you involved.

FanDuel’s comprehensive and sortable lobby is among the best in the business and the site’s overall feel if friendly, not overwhelming. The site offers plenty of secondary content and it’s certainly one of the most reputable sites in the biz. There’s a reason tens of thousands of players participate there every day.

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One of the best and brightest of the “second wave” sites that emerged in 2011 and 2012, DraftKings made a tremendous splash on the fantasy-sports scene and has been riding high ever since. This well-financed site focuses on providing a stylish, user-friendly sporting experience that many players love, which is why the site is now likely the second-largest of all, trailing and chasing only FanDuel.

DraftKings is less stats-intensive than some others, focusing its attention on providing plenty of special promotions and a wide variety of salary-cap games. If you’re looking for a site that you can understand quickly and participate on in a casual way, DraftKings might be your very best choice.

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Up-and coming site DraftDay offers plenty of unique gaming selections to its users. Second to none in introducing innovative formats and providing a selection of games rivaling giants two and three times its size, DraftDay has established its niche as a true gamer’s site with plenty of fun and fan appeal.

DraftDay’s user interface is one of the best and slickest in the industry, and combined with the site’s plentiful offerings, offers an enticing choice for newer and casual players. We think the site is well worth not only visiting, but opening an account.

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Veteran site DraftStreet is another of the giants of the fantasy-sports business, probably the third largest overall behind FanDuel and DraftKings. If you love crunching player statistics, then this is the site for you, with both an extensive array of offerings and a more complex system of scoring rules than that found on other major sites.

DraftStreet is also the destination of choice if you like the concept of season-long leagues and contests that also require day-to-day lineup selection and monitoring. Many of the site’s promotions are longer-running than those found at its rivals, and a DraftStreet champion would be a winner almost anywhere. One hidden advantage of playing on DraftStreet is that the extra complexity of the site’s offerings opens up new avenues of game strategy that can be employed on other sites as well.

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StarStreet gets a nod here not because it’s the best of the biggest, but because it’s quite a bit different than most other daily fantasy sports sites. StarStreet was established back in 2010 with a different premise, one that creates a virtual stock market within a sport based on players’ individual performances.

StarStreet still offers all the tournament formats you’ll find on other sites – large and small tourneys, head-to-head matches, and so on – but with what amounts to a scoring system quite different than rival sites. Add in sizeable signup bonuses and site rake that’s a notch lower than many of its competitors and StarStreet becomes well worth the dabble. And who knows? You might end up hooked.