DraftStreet Review

Overview: DraftStreet is one of the oldest and most reliable fantasy-sports sites on the Internet, steadily gaining customers and building its reputation since 2010. The site is known as being tailor-made for expert players, due to its use of scoring systems generally more complex and involving more players than most of its major competitors. DraftStreet still offers gaming choices priced to all levels of buy-in, from free to $1 to $2100, the site’s highest-priced games. DraftStreet might not be the best “first” choice for a novice fantasy-sports player, but it should certainly be high on the list when considering second, third, or fourth player accounts.

Site Trust: Straight A. DraftStreet is one of the industry’s major players, and among the main lobby’s features is a leaderboard showing the site’s largest monthly winners, with wins of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars; these players themselves are easily verifiable in the fantasy-sports user community, with DraftStreet profits a major bragging point for the best player. A complete reference guide to the site’s rules is available here.

Reputation: Great. DraftStreet remains a fan favorite due to its easy deposit/withdrawal interface and solid customer service. DraftStreet also offers a toll-free support hotline for customers having difficulties with using or understanding the site. In addition, DraftStreet maintains a FAQ page targeted directly to new players, all of which cements the site’s top-of-the-line reputation for convenience and trustworthy play.

History: DraftStreet’s parent company, Skyllzone LLC, was founded in late 2009 by a group of University of Wisconsin grads, with the site itself coming online in 2010. Like other major sites, DraftStreet secured Wall Street to invest in architecture and build market share. Today DraftStreet operates out of offices in New York City.

Opening a DraftStreet Account:

Signup Guide: Once you’ve decided to open your DraftStreet account, signing up and starting to play is a breeze. Just click through to DraftStreet’s account registration page using our easy signup link, then follow the instructions. DraftStreet also allows for players to join and participate in free leagues, to familiarize themselves with the site and the game rules before making a deposit.
Signup Bonuses: Our current best offer for new DraftStreet players: [insert offer specifics here]. Make sure to use our promo code, below, during both the initial account registration and your first deposit, if done separately.

Payment Options: DraftStreet accepts deposits via PayPal or through any of four major credit-card families: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Promotions: DraftStreet is heavy on the promotions compared to other sites, with a slew of contests and leaderboards always available across all active sports. Like its largest competitor, FanDuel, DraftStreet is running a baseball-themed event with a million-dollar first prize in its DraftStreet Baseball Championship (DSBC). Many other promotions exist as well, with weekly special events offering prize pools of $50,000 and up. DraftStreet does not currently list all ongoing promotions on a single page, but displays banners for special events throughout its site and also offers daily e-mail updates to customers wanting notification of ongoing promotions.

Promo Codes: Use our code ___________ both when signing up for a new account at DraftStreet and making your first deposit!

States Where DraftStreet is Not Available: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Washington.

Using the Site:

Lobby: DraftStreet has a workable lobby, perhaps not as slick and eye-pleasing as some of its competitors, but fully functional in all regards. As of right now, DraftStreet offers seven sporting

• Baseball

• Football

• Basketball

• Hockey

• College Football

• PGA Golf

• Soccer (“Football” outside of North America)

The main lobby can appear a bit unwieldy and overwhelming at first glance, but several filters help players hone in on their target games. The filters include sport, entry fee (free to $2100), number of players, draft formats, payout formats (such as “double ups” or “satellites”), and entry fee.

Contest Types: DraftStreet offers four major contest types:

• Head-to-Head: You versus another opponent.

• Double-Ups: Half the players who enter win double their entry fee, minus the juice. For
instance, a $2 50/50 with 10 entrants would pay $3.60 to each of the top five finishers, and
nothing to rest. Also referred to on other sites as double-or-nothing or “2x” events.

• Leagues (small field): Smaller tournament-style events featuring 3-20 entrants. Similar to sit-n-
goes in online poker.

• Tournaments (large field) – Large-scale events with at least 21 players, but often hundreds or
even a couple of thousand entrants, with hefty prize pools to match. Many of the events carry
guarantees, including the largest events (and payouts) on the site. Typically, one in nine or
ten entrants will cash in a given event. DraftStreet offers several different league variations,
including traditional salary-cap events, “pick ‘em” leagues (where players choose a lineup from
a rotating menu of comparable-value players), snake-draft leagues (the online equivalent of a
live team draft, and “survivor” tournaments, which are 3-day events in which the top half of the
field moves on to the next day’s play.

Salary Caps: Set to $100,000 for all salary-cap events on DraftStreet, regardless of sport.

Buyins: Ranges from free (called freerolls), to a wide range of real-money buy-ins: $1 to $2100. Weekly and 1-day events are offered.

Prizes: Varies according to the format, from a couple of dollars in freerolls or small-fee double-ups to tens of thousands of dollars in the large, big-field events.

Fees/Juice: Each real-money event buy-in also carries an expense fee, which goes to the site as
operational expense and profit. On DraftStreet, the “juice” (the expense fee) is included in the entry fee. Fees range from 11% for the smallest events to as little as 5% for the largest tourneys, with buy-ins of several hundred dollars or more.

Competition: Tailor-made for the stats wonks among all sports fans, and perhaps a notch tougher than the competition at other, less intensive sites. However, winning strategies honed at DraftStreet are more likely to succeed at other sites as well, than vice versa. Still, small-buyin tournaments of all formats are comparatively weak, and the ongoing growth of fantasy sports in general means that before long, a serious player can quickly gain a profitable edge.

Loyalty/Rewards Program: DraftStreet players receive DraftStreet “Street Creds,” whichcan be used for more event entries, or to purchase merchandise in DraftStreet’s own online sore. Dedicated players can also qualify for additional freerolls based on the amount of play they do each calendar month.

Bonuses: DraftStreet pays a bonus on new signups and deposits, which is deposited right back into your DraftStreet account as you earn the bonus via play on the site. (For a top-of-the-market bonus offer, click here.) As with other sites, DraftStreet also offers occasional reload bonuses, should your chosen players go into an extended slump.

Site and Playing Specifics:

Player Salary Cap: DraftStreet uses a $100,000 salary cap across all offered sports and leagues.

Draft Process: Varies according to the format:

• Salary Cap: Users build a lineup based on player contract values predetermined by the site, with relative worth of each draftable player projected based on previous performances. Players can pre-register a lineup a soon as an event is listed, select an initial lineup, then tweak that lineup until the event is locked when live games are set to start.

• Pick ‘em Leagues: Players select a starting lineup from a menu of players who, according to
DraftStreet, all have approximately the same potential value for that day’s game.

• Snake-Draft: An online version of a lottery-style, non-auction draft; participatants take turns
selecting players shortly after a given event reaches player capacity. These are small-field
tournaments, and each player gets 45 seconds to make a pick.

• Survivor Tournaments: Employ the $100,000 salary cap as above, but players select new lineups each day they advance.

Scoring Systems: DraftStreet’s scoring systems are available on the site’s Rules Page, and the same scoring system applies to all contests offered for a given sport.

Player News: DraftStreet keeps users advised of the latest sports happenings via “Player News” and “Injury News” logs, culled from the official releases on transactions and injuries put out via each sport’s official news office. DraftStreet also maintains a blog area with more strategy-based content.

Leaderboards: DraftStreet’s extensive leaderboards and leaderboard-connected promotions can be referenced in part from the site’s home page, but also have their own dedicated page, which offers multiple breakdowns and extra sorting capabilities.

Unique Features: DraftStreet’s snake-draft leagues and survivor-style events are both relatively unique among major sites, though some similar offerings can be found elsewhere.