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Four Easy Steps at DraftKings

Four Easy Steps at DraftKings

Turn $2 into $200 with Draftkings Steps Tournaments

draftkingsDraftkings offer an interesting four level series of steps tournaments, with the opportunity of turning $2 into $200. At each level there are qualification criteria for the next level, with players just missing out being given the chance to try again at the current. Step one starts with a buy-in of just $2, with the winner of step four either winning $200 or taking an entry into one of DraftKings major events. These events can be played at any sport, and if you were to win a step one event at, for example, baseball, you’ll be able to use your step two ticket at another sport.

Step One

Ten players line up in step one and the buy-in is $2. You qualify for step two by finishing in the first two. If you finish third or fourth you’ll receive another step one ticket.

Step Two

Having qualified for step two, you’ll play in a tournament with just four other players. The winner from the five will progress to step three. The runner up will receive another chance at a step two event. You can buy-in directly to a step two event, the entry fee being $7.

Step Three

This step once again features just five players, and you’re one step away from the final tournament. The winner from the five will progress to step four, with the runner up having another shot at step three. The direct buy-in for step three is $25.

Step Four

This is the final leg of the series and the chances of making the money are great here. Just three players feature in the step four tournament, and only the third place finisher doesn’t receive a payout. The runner up will take home $40 and the step four winner will make a cool $200. You can buy-in directly to a step four event, and this will cost $88.

Steps Tournaments – Tactics

At each level of a step tournament, at least 40% of the competitors will remain in the competition, however progression to the next level is tougher, needing a top 20% finish. Tactically, this isn’t straightforward, as aiming for a top 40% finish requires a slightly different approach to aiming for a top 20% finish.

A top 40% finish will normally be achieved by having a solid line-up, even if this means paying a lot of money for the top performer. You want the best players, and picking a roster of solid performers will give you a good chance of hitting that top 40%.

A top 20% finish is a little tougher, and isn’t always going to be achieved by having that “solid” line up. You might have to think outside the box a little more here – you may have to take more chances with your line-up. Consider that most of the players might pick the obvious players for their roster, so picking another player might pay great dividends if the popular player has a bad day as most of your opponents will have a bad day too. This tactic is a gamble, and will give you more high finishes but you’ll also bomb on a regular basis.

So which tactic should you use? To win the series you are going to need to progress through the levels, and to do this you need that top 20% finish, so veering towards taking more of a gamble with your line up might be the best idea. Having reached step three, and being one step away from the lucrative step four, many players will go for the solid line up, as they really will not want to go out – so taking that gamble here is most definitely a good
tactic, despite the chance of an exit here. Consider this scenario – if you do take the gamble you might finish 1st or 5th, the solid pick player might finish 2nd or 3rd. Who is better off? You make step 4 when you finish 1st and go out when you finish 5 th. The solid pick player replays step 3 when he finishes 2nd and goes out anyway when he finishes 3rd.

The final step offers a different tactical challenge. Here there are just three players, with two making the money – however the first prize is $200, with just $40 for second. Here you should be going all out for the win, so taking another gamble with your line up might be the best idea – finishing second is OK, but the winning prize is five times the second prize. Consider if you do gamble somewhat, you are giving yourself more chance of both winning and finishing 3rd, which will give you either $200 or nothing. The solid pick player will finish second often so will take home the $40 on many occasions. If you finish first more than once in five times when gambling, you’re making more money than the solid player.

DraftKings Becomes Fantasy Sports Powerhouse Makes Power Move – Buys

News broke on Tuesday that DraftKings had acquired Draftstreet. Users of both sites were informed by simultaneous e-mails.

DraftStreet users were informed, “As of today, we are very pleased to announce that DraftStreet has been acquired by DraftKings, a fellow leader in daily fantasy sports. DraftStreet has been an overwhelming success, surpassing all of our expectations when we started the business, and we owe that to you, our loyal players. Many of you may be familiar with DraftKings, so you already know both sites have plenty to offer, and we believe that combining all the best features of each will result in a great experience for all our players.”

DraftKings users were informed, “We are very pleased to announce that we have acquired DraftStreet as part of our long-term vision of continuing to bring our loyal customers the very best in daily fantasy sports.”

This takeover will see the user base of DraftKings rise by nearly 50% and added to this the site will now offer increased prize funds in their Legends Series with a $3.3 million fund and a $1 million first prize.

DraftKings did have a workforce of around 50 people before the merger, but this will grow to around 85 employees after the takeover. DraftKings also plans to hire several more software engineers and project managers by the end of the year.

Though the takeover will mean there is a new super power in Fantasy Sport, it will mean that there will be a little less choice for the Daily Fantasy Sports players. DraftKings and DraftStreet did take slightly different approaches to Fantasy Sport, with contrasting dynamics when it came to point structure on every sport, so for regular players on DraftStreet it may take some adjusting to. However, Jason Robins, the CEO of DraftKings has assured users that the site will incorporate the best of both the sites. “In the end what players should see is a combination of both sites,” Robins said. “It’s not going to happen overnight, but the goal is not to just bring the users over, it’s to bring all the elements of DraftStreet.”

What does this mean for the Daily Fantasy Sports Scene?

How this move will affect the overall Daily Fantasy Sports Scene is open to question. With the NFL season fast approaching, this is a critical time for the industry and traditionally a time when firms will experience their highest amount of new sign ups. The merging of the second and third sized sites in the industry will present a fascinating rival to number one FanDuel and industry insiders are wondering if this acquisition might open the market for another firm to test the dominance of the new big two.